2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

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2011 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box Description

Configuration 24 Packs per Box. 8 Cards per Pack. Each Allen & Ginter Hobby Box contains a combination of any THREE of the following cards: – Autographed Card – Relic Card – Cut Signature – Rip Card – Printing Plate or – Book Card PLUS One Box Loader PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Insertion rates are based on estimated production levels, which may vary from the actual insertion rates to be published on product packaging. BASE CARDS (350 subjects) – 6 per Pack! – Baseball Veterans – 270 Pros – Baseball Rookies – 30 Diamonds in the rough – Historic Figures – 15 of the most memorable writers, inventors, artists, and politicians of all-time. – World Champions – 35 of the highest achievers from across the universe. MINI PARALLEL CARDS – Original 1 15/32′ x 2 11/16′ size! – 1 per Pack! – Allen & Ginter Wood Hobby Exclusive! (350) – Each is a one of one! – Allen & Ginter Cloth Hobby Exclusive! – 150 cards from the base set framed and printed on cloth expressly designed for Ginter! – Numbered to 10! – Allen & Ginter Bazooka – Numbered to 25! – Allen & Ginter No Number – The base cards are featured without a card number. Each card is limited to 50! – Allen & Ginter Black Border – A black border adorns these parallel cards. – Allen & Ginter Back – Replica Allen and Ginter card back designs highlight this parallel set. – Allen & Ginter Mini – The 350 cards from the base set. AUTOGRAPH CARDS Award-winning Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball returns with the most exciting and wide-ranging autograph list in its history! From a 4-star chef, to a 7-time Grand Slam title holder, to racing royalty, to kings of the ring, a queen of the links, and many first-time signers, this year’s Allen & Ginter autographs have something for everyone and even more! – Framed Autograph Cards – Great competitors from around the world including the world of sports appear with their signatures.

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